New Generations of Academics: A Conversation with PublicsLab Fellow Britney Moreira

Britney Moreira, wearing glasses, a blue cardigan and button-down shirt stands on fire escape.

In this conversation, doctoral student Britney Moreira, from the Critical Social/Personality Psychology program at the CUNY Graduate Center, discusses her academic journey and shares her experience as a PublicsLab Fellow, as well as her vision for future iterations of PublicsLab at the Graduate Center and beyond.

This interview was recorded by Jess Applebaum on March 23, 2023.



PDF Transcript: Interview with PublicsLab Fellow Britney Moreira

“I think the most helpful thing that I got out of PublicsLab was talking very openly with other students about what it’s like to be an academic. I think the conversations that we had helped me ground myself better when I think about what it means to do public facing work.”

~ Britney Moreira

Britney Moreira is a doctoral student in the Critical Social/Personality Psychology program. Her research interests vary from mass incarceration to spirituality/faith, juvenile (in)justice, and Black adolescent development. They are all rooted in her desire to highlight the power, altruism, and solidarity that lives within the Black community while also using her work to fight oppressive systems that threaten it, such as the criminal justice system. Britney works collaboratively, primarily conducting critical participatory action research (CPAR) that focuses on combating racial and systemic injustice, and prioritizes lived experiences amongst Black and Latinx communities. She is a Ford Fellow (2020) and holds a BA from the University of Michigan where she studied Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience and Creative Writing & Literature. Britney’s work and involvement in organizations such as the Prison Creative Arts Project has led to her advocacy for and current scholarship exploring arts-based alternatives to youth incarceration.

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