AGENCY + CARE: Cite Black Women: Radical Praxis, Healing from Erasure


Date(s) - 10/23/2019
11:00 am - 12:15 pm


Room 5318. Space is limited, so please register below.

Black women’s work is often undervalued, appropriated and/or erased. This is particularly true when it comes to citation inside and outside of the academy. This workshop will lead participants in a series of guided conversations on citation as radical praxis. How can we disrupt historical patterns of erasing and appropriating Black women’s contributions? What steps can we take to reframe how we create and circulate knowledge? How can we heal after erasure? Key topics are building awareness; strategies for critical engagement; the politics of acknowledgement; amplifying Black women’s voices to create equitable spaces for everyone; and healing as empowerment.

Christen Anne Smith is a Black feminist anthropologist, social justice advocate, associate professor of Anthropology and African and African Diaspora Studies at The University of Texas at Austin and founder of Cite Black Women, a campaign that brings awareness to the structural, gendered, racial discrimination that Black women face in the culture of academic and non-academic citation. A Latin Americanist by training, Smith has written and taught extensively on the transnational dimensions of the Black feminist tradition, including Black women’s intellectual contributions to the Americas, and Black women’s unique experiences with state violence in the Americas. Her book, Afro-Paradise: Blackness, Violence and Performance in Brazil  [] (University of Illinois Press, 2016) chronicles Black Brazilians’ experiences with police violence in Bahia and the relationship between this violence and the state’s construction of Bahia as an exotic tourist site.

More information about all of our AGENCY + CARE events can be found here. These events are co-sponsored by Brilliance Remastered and the Center for the Study of Women and Society at The Graduate Center.

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